Welcome to Healing Vibrations

Healing Vibrations is a renowned holistic healing practice in the Yarra Ranges, owned and operated by Frances Peterson, providing effective and restorative healing modalities including Relaxation Massage, Reiki and Interconnective Aura Healing.

Mind Body therapies, working on the principle of healing on a deepHealing Vibrations Holistic Healinger emotional level, are also provided by Healing Vibrations in the form of Thetahealing DNA, Psychosomatic Counselling and Thought Field Therapy. Learn more about these techniques.

If a personal, trusted confidante is what you are needing, Frances provides a listening ear in the form of Talk Therapy.

Have you tried to meditate but found it just doesn't work? Frances is an experienced meditation facilitator and can teach you simple meditation techniques incorporating deeper breathing.

Healing Vibrations is also a distributor for Lifewave Patches, an amazingly effective new form of healing bringing instant results. Click here to learn more about Lifewave Patches.